Conductor - Duncan Bythell

Name – Duncan Bythell
Year of Joining – 1985
Band Responsibility – Resident Conductor
Home – Gunnerside
Current Job – Taught History at Durham University for over 30 years, still writing and lecturing on local history.
Other Musical Activities – Directs and accompanies local choirs, organist at several local churches.
My time with the Band – Came to Muker band after 20 years of conducting choirs and orchestras elsewhere.

Principal Cornet - Philip Calvert
Name – Philip Calvert
Year of Joining – 1967
Current Instrument – Cornet
Band Responsibility – Chairman
Home – Gunnerside
Current Job – Joiner
Other Interests – Golf, Football
My time with the Band – Played cornet in the band for 43 years, band is like a big family and would
never play anywhere else.
Quote – I never thought of playing in the band but I was tricked into it (thank goodness).
Solo Cornet - Andrew Guy

Name – Andrew Guy
Year of Joining – 1978
Current Instrument – Cornet
Home – Muker
Current Job – HGV Driver
Other Interests – Gardening, Football, Cinema
My time with the Band – I’ve been playing for 34 years. Both my parents play so I learned to play too.

Solo Cornet - Susan Calvert
Name – Sue Calvert
Year of Joining – 1975
Current Instrument – Cornet
Band Responsibility – Tour Committee
Home – Low Row
Current Job – Lettings Manager
Other Interests – Going on Holiday
My time with the Band – Only ever played Cornet
Quote – Love being part of a team and the social aspect of Banding.
Solo Cornet - Carol Moore

Name – Carol Moore
Year of Joining – 1978
Current Instrument – Cornet
Home – Carperby
Current Job – Owner of Fringez n Freckles Hair and Beauty Salon
Other Interests – Painting and Cake Icing
My time with the Band – Started in the band at the age of 12 because I enjoyed music and my father and 2 sisters were in the band. I learned on Cornet, then moved to Tenor Horn before moving back to Cornet in the last few years. My daughter joined but she has now moved away, my son plays percussion.

Solo Cornet - Jazzie Guy

Name – Jazzie Guy
Year of Joining – 2005
Current Instrument – Cornet
Home – Richmond
Current Job – Currently studying for GCSE’s
Other Interests – Art, Boys and Talking!
Other Musical Activities – School Bands, Tewit Youth Band, Piano playing, Singing with groups and at pub gigs.
My time with the Band – Its a family band, I love it because we are very relaxed and have a good time.
Quote –I’m the youngest member of the band at the moment. I have most of my family in the band which is awesome!

Soprano Cornet - Allan Guy

Name - Allan Guy
Year of Joining - 1979
Current Instrument - Eb Soprano Cornet
Home - Richmond
Current Job - Owns and runs a Webdesign and Creative Studio
Other Interests - Socialising
Other Musical Activities - Plays trumpet in a 8 piece Soul Band.
My time with the Band - I started on 3rd Cornet and moved up the back row to play Soprano when I was about 16 and been there ever since, giving the front row cornets a headache!
Quote - Playing in the Band is an enormous pleasure, its just like an extended family.

Repiano Cornet - Jenny Constantine Smart

Name - Jenny Constantine Smart
Year of Joining - 2000
Current Instrument - Cornet
Band Responsibility - Running the Friends of Muker Band 
Home - Askrigg
Current Job - Restaurant Supervisor
Other Interests - Cross-stitch, WI, playing dominoes in a local league
My time with the Band - Joined band in 2000, son Harry was then a member and thought why not have a go myself! Could read music having done grade 5 piano. Used to play tenor recorder and Handbells.

2nd Cornet - Kirsty Guy

Name - Kirsty Guy
Year of Joining - 1988
Current Instrument - Cornet
Home - Richmond
Current Job - Major Gifts Manager for Barnardo's
Other Interests - Precious time with friends, trying all sorts of new recipes and new foodie experiences. Taxi-ing children! 
Other Musical Activities - Singing with Church family singing group and occasional choral workshops. 
My time with the Band - Joined the band after meeting Allan, originally a French Horn player, began with the band on tenor horn. Briefly played baritone and then euphonium before moving to cornet 11 years ago

2nd Cornet - Norman Guy

Name – Norman Guy
Year of Joining – 1952
Current Instrument – Cornet
Band Responsibility – Bandmaster, Newsletter Editor
Home – Muker
Current Job – Retired School Bus Driver, previously Lorry Driver.
Other Interests – Singing with Swale Singers
Other Musical Activities – Conducting, Composing and Arranging
My time with the Band – Started on Baritone, played Cornet for 40 years before moving to Tenor

3rd Cornet - Anna Hunter

Name – Anna Hunter
Year of Joining – 2007
Current Instrument – Cornet
Band Responsibility – Newsletter Editor
Home – Muker
Current Job – Guest House Proprietor
Other Interests – 3 boys, a husband and a business!
Other Musical Activities – Music has always been my constant companion, at 6 when I learned to read I taught myself to read music and play recorder. By the time I was a teenager, I was lugging either a flute or cello around with my hockey stick and satchel. Every genre of music from opera, classical, folk, gospel to rock, house, garage and soul has been played, sung or blasted out on a stereo from earliest childhood memory, right through to current day.
My time with the Band – Playing 3rd Cornet is a great escape from the boys, husband and business.
Quote –Blissful band practice twice a week; youth club for adults.

2nd Cornet - Aimee Read

Name – Aimee Read
Year of Joining – 2002
Current Instrument – Cornet
Home – Richmond
Current Job – Student, started University in September 2012
Other Interests – Hanging out with friends and at the pub. Shopping.
Other Musical Activities – Karaoke
My time with the Band – Joined on Flugel and moved to Tenor Horn. Recently moved to Cornet. Joined because of family members.

3rd Cornet - Ron Guy

Name – Ron Guy
Year of Joining - 1952
Current Instrument - Cornet
Home – High Shincliffe
Current Job – Retired Electrical Engineer (keeping the lights on in the Northeast)
Other Interests - Sports (any but mainly Yorkshire Cricket). Traveling
Other Musical Activities - Played cornet with -  Royal Signals TA Band  1961 to 1967, Head Wrightson Brass Band 1968 to 1979. Played trumpet  - 35 yrs with Theatre Orchestras, 25 yrs with a Dance Band, 32 yrs with the Bush Big Band (currently as MD). Doing arrangements for the Band.
My time with the Band - Joined MSB initially on Eb Soprano Cornet in the post war revival led by W Sim Raw. Played when time and other commitments allowed over the years.
Quote - Always a pleasure and privilege to be part of the Band.

Flugel Horn - Dora Watts

Name – Dora Watts
Year of Joining – 1986
Current Instrument – Flugel Horn
Band Responsibility – Treasurer
Home – Gunnerside
Current Job – Retired School Secretary
Other Interests – Walking, Gardening, Flower Arranging, Puzzles
Other Musical Activities – Part-time organist at St Mary’s Church, Muker.
My time with the Band – Initially joined on 3rd Cornet, then 2nd Cornet and lastly Flugel Horn.
Quote –I love the camaraderie and the support given to each band member as an important of this special organisation.

Solo Horn - Judith Dower

Name – Judith Dower
Year of Joining – Re-Joined 2012
Current Instrument – Tenor Horn
Home – Thwaite
Current Job – Run Cathole Cottages, a local holiday cottage letting agency
Other Interests – Dog walking in beautiful Swaledale. Renovating houses with husband Martin, Guardian Crossword.
Other Musical Activities – Like to attend local gigs by visiting folk artists.
My time with the Band – Originally joined over 40 years ago as a child playing Euphonium. Left when at Secondary school and I changed to French Horn. Spent over 20 years as a professional free-lance Horn player in London, but returned to Gunnerside 14 years ago and trained as a teacher, met and married Martin and set up my current business. Have just rejoined the band on Baritone, not much demand for French Horn players in Swaledale.
Quote – Like the camaraderie in the Band, everyone has their say.

1st Horn - Dorothy Guy

Name – Dorothy Guy
Year of Joining – 1974
Current Instrument – Tenor Horn
Home – Muker
Current Job – Retired Nurse
Other Interests – Gardening, wildlife, philately and reading
My time with the Band – Always played Tenor Horn.
Quote - An interesting varied activity mixing with people of all ages, a good mixture of men and women who all seem to get on well together, both when playing and on social occasions.

2nd Horn - Melanie Geldeart

Name – Melanie Geldeart
Year of Joining – 2015
Current Instrument – Tenor Horn
Home – Leyburn
Current Job – Retired Primary School Head Teacher in Bradford
Other Interests – Chair, Leyburn and District U3A, painting, cycling, visiting art galleries, spending time with friends.
My time with the Band – enjoyed the tour to Ireland in 2016, proud to come third in the Limerick Competition!
Quote - There’s something unique about Muker and its band, playing at ancient feasts and fairs. It’s a delight to be part of such a special group of musicians - and I’m on a CD!

Principal Euphonium - Diane Read

Name – Diane Read
Year of Joining – 1976
Current Instrument – Euphonium
Band Responsibility – Tour Committee
Home – Richmond
Current Job – Civil Servant
Other Interests – Quizzes at the local club
Other Musical Activities – Helping out other local brass bands when needed.
My time with the Band – Moved up in “ranks” of cornet the cornet section then moved to Flugel Horn and finally to Euphonium. I Joined to gain a hobby. I also love to play and entertain the public, and the friendship banding involves.
Quote – Would love to learn to play the drums, but I think my coordination is a bit suspect. Don't think the neighbours would be too happy either!

Euphonium - Peter Guy
Name – Peter Guy
Year of Joining – 1955
Instrument – Euphonium
Home – Muker
Job – Retired Mechanic
My time with the Band – Played for 55 years, previously on cornet.
Previous Instrument – Cornet
1st Baritone - John Ransom

Name – John Ransom
Year of Joining – 2013
Current Instrument – Baritone
Home – Near Hawes
Current Job – Retired teacher
Other Interests – Gardening, Walking, Cooking, play with Hawes Silver Band
My time with the Band – A relative newcomer still trying to improve.
Quote : You couldn't wish to meet a more friendly and supportive group of people.

2nd Baritone - Sylvia Crookes

Name – Sylvia Crookes
Year of Joining – 2001
Current Instrument – Baritone
Band Responsibility – Publicity Officer
Home – Bainbridge
Current Job – Retired Bradford University Lecturer in English for Overseas Students
My time with the Band – Joined the Band to cheer myself up after 9/11 and Foot and Mouth devastation. Blew my first note aged 64 so remember it’s never too late to start.
Quote –Band practices are highlights of my week – many  laughs, but always trying to improve. Nobody is unkind when you struggle and make mistakes. Concerts are fun too, especially the great suppers we are offered. Unless brain/fingers/lungs let me down, plan to play for many years to come.

2nd Baritone - Barrie Dawson

Name - Barrie Dawson
Year of Joining - 2002
Current Instrument - Baritone
Home - Middleham
Current Job - Retired Anlytical Chemist.
My time with the Band - Joined the band about eight years ago when we lived in Askrigg before moving to Middleham. The East Lancashire mill town where I grew up was also home to at least three brass bands so perhaps thats the reason I’m in the band today or maybe  its because I just enjoy it.

1st Trombone - Maurice Guy

Name – Maurice Guy
Year of Joining – 1950
Current Instrument – Trombone
Band Responsibility – Secretary
Home – Muker
Current Job – Retired, former lorry driver and office worker.
My time with the Band – Started on cornet, moved to Euphonium before trombone. Delighted to have children and grandchildren following in the band.

2nd Trombone - Andrew Green

Name – Andrew Green
Year of Joining – 2013
Current Instrument – Trombone
Home – Muker
Current Job – Retired Health Policy professor at Leeds University specialising in Africa and Asia.
Other Interests – Playing various instruments including violin, mandolin, guitar and banjo including in a local folk band and collecting instruments from around the world
Quote: I am very appreciative of the tolerance from band members to someone such as myself who has never played a brass instrument before and makes numerous mistakes. I particularly enjoy the playing for community events such as birthdays, Christmas and even funerals. They are a strong indicator of the roots of the band in the community.

1st Trombone - Phil Guy

Name – Phil Guy
Year of Joining – 2002
Current Instrument – Trombone
Home – Richmond
Current Job – Studying for A Levels, and Saturdays at Junior Royal College of Music (Manchester).
Other Interests – Beer
Other Musical Activities – School Bands, Tewit Youth Band, JRNCM, Catterick Brass, Occasional concerts with Fishburn Band, some Orchestral playing, Pit Orchestras, Play piano, teaching Trombone, Conducting School Bands.
My time with the Band – Always wanted to play Trombone, but started on Cornet and changed in 2009. Love the relaxed atmosphere.
Quote – Music is my life and I hope to play professionally.

Bass Trombone - Chris Watts

Name – Chris Watts
Year of Joining – 2004
Current Instrument – Bass Trombone
Band Responsibility – Merchandise Controller
Home – Gunnerside
Current Job – Very happily retired Sales Manager
Other Interests – Cooking, Walking, Church Warden
My time with the Band – In spite of not being able to read music or play any instrument, at the age of 60 I decided to give it a go.
Quote – This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Every one of the band members has been so supportive and helpful.

Eb Bass - Kate Mirick

Name – Kate Mirick
Year of Joining – 2001
Current Instrument – Eb Bass
Home – West Stonesdale
Current Job – Worked on computers, as a teacher, as a statistician for Which
Other Interests – Painting, play Cello, Granny around, Walking, Archaeology and Gardening
Other Musical Activities – Sing in Swale Singers
My time with the Band – Its a very special band at the centre of a special community, in a special place. You feel part of a very positive group, creating a pretty good sound
Quote – I’ve never done anything such fun before.

Bb Bass - Ken Guy

Name – Ken Guy
Year of Joining – 1948
Current Instrument – Bb Bass
Band Responsibility – Vice Chairman and Librarian
Home – Muker
Current Job – Retired Lorry Driver
Other Interests – Gardening
My time with the Band – During 64 years played Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium before moving to Bass.
Quote – I’m proud of being part of reforming the band after the war incorporating younger people with what remained of the older band in 1948.

Bb Bass - Pete Read

Name – Pete Read
Year of Joining – 1988
Current Instrument – Bb Bass
Band Responsibility – Assistant Grumbler!
Home – Richmond
Current Job – Work for Utility Arborist Company clearing trees away from electricity lines.
Other Interests – Socialising with the odd beer or two.
Other Musical Activities – Helping other local bands when asked.
My time with the Band – Played Eb then Bb Bass when courting, Diane stayed weekends at our farm and I had to take her to engagements where I had to pay to listen – so learned to play!
Quote – Wish I could play cornet, then we could have a sports car rather than a sensible car to fit Bb Bass, Euphonium and Cornet in.

Percussion - Simon Calvert

Name – Simon Calvert
Year of Joining – 1996
Current Instrument – Percussion
Band Responsibility – Instrument Recorder
Home – Gunnerside
Current Job – Professional Golfer
Other Interests – Football, Darts
My time with the Band – Played since age of 7, loved watching previous drummer and loves hitting things.
Quote -  I love playing noisy pieces

Percussion - Robert Moore

Name – Robert Moore
Year of Joining – 2002
Current Instrument – Percussion
Home – Carperby
Current Job – Bench Joiner Apprentice
Other Interests – Rugby, Badminton, Snooker and Darts
Other Musical Activities – Local Rock Band
My time with the Band – Started when I was 7 on the Trombone, and then moved to Percussion. I joined because most of my family is in the Band and I love playing all types of music.

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